Be phenomenal!

Life is tough, that’s a given.
When you stand up,
You’re gonna be shoved back down.
When you’re down,
You’re gonna be stepped on.

My advice to you doesn’t come with lots of bells and whistles.

It’s no secret,
you’ll fall down
you’ll stumble
you’ll get pushed
you’ll land square on your face.

But every time that happens,
You get back on your feet.

You get up just as fast as you can, no matter how many times you need to do it.

Remember this,
success has been and continues to be defined as getting up one more time than you’ve been knocked down.

If experience has taught me anything, it’s that nothing is free and living ain’t easy.

Life is hard,
real hard,
Incredibly hard.
You’ll fall more often than you win,
nobody is handing you anything.

It’s up to you to puff up your chest,
stretch your neck and overcome all the difficult,
the nasty, the mean, the unfair.

You want more than you have now?

You want to be the very best there is?
Get out there and earn it!

Once you decide that,
you’ll know where it is you want to be, & you won’t stop pushing forward until you get there!

That’s how winners are made.

At the end of the day,
success is what we all want.
We all wanna win, and
the race will be won.

There’s no question about that.

So come on,
get out on top,
run faster,
dream bigger,
live better than you ever have before.

This is in you.
You can do this.
Do it for yourself.
Prove it to yourself!

– Limu



11 thoughts on “Be phenomenal!

  1. This post is nothing short of wonderful!
    I love your choice of Rumi’s quote in your profile here, too 🙂

    Thank you so much for dropping by my blog with your warmth and for following.
    Do keep shining your light through these inspiring posts you choose to share, my friend.
    Take good care and stay awesome, too.


    • Thank you so much friend. I only just began blogging and I’m so glad that people like you drop by to read here. I heard that Rumi’s quote in my grade 8 and wondered for long to understand the deep meaning it carried. And I was so overwhelmed with its depth that I love to put it up wherever I can!
      Thanks again 🙂


  2. Apologies for the double comments, here.
    The title of your post reminded me of the late Maya Angelou’s “Phenomenal Woman,” which is just as inspiring.
    (If you are interested, you may read it here: or hear a slightly different version here:

    I just realised too that you have chosen a beautiful title for your writing space, my friend. “Invictus” – the gorgeous poem by William Ernest Henley, and a word carrying the meaning of “unvanquished” – the kind of courage that is essential to living life to our best.
    Take care and stay inspiring, too!


    • I love the fact that you are sharing your views on my posts with me. This means a lot! I just read “Phenomenal Woman”. It indeed is very inspiring too. Thanks for sharing it with me 🙂 Thank you for following my blog too. You’ve encouraged me to write more. You too take care and stay amazing!


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