The king with Defects

Here I got another beautiful and small story to share with you.

“A king with a defect in one eye & one leg asked all the painters to draw his beautiful portrait but no one was ready to draw, as how to show him beautiful with defects in one eye & a leg.

One painter however agreed and drew a classic picture of the king.

It was such a fantastic picture that everyone was surprised

He painted the king AIMING for a hunt, targeting with one eye closed & a leg bent for it.”


Why can’t we all paint others like this, hiding their weakness & highlight their strengths?

May we learn to hide other’s weakness & bring their virtues to light!


10 thoughts on “The king with Defects

  1. I don’t think we can all live like that. It’s because merely pretending that the person doesn’t have any weaknesses or portraying only his strengths in the limelight won’t do any good to him or us. It will only give him a false sense of self-belief. I am not suggesting that we all do what the other painters did but..I think sometimes a person fights better if he has been pushed down to his limits. The king might have done something more courageous than he ever did in order prove why he is the king if not a single painter would have accepted his command. All this is obviously the other side of the coin. My point is maybe it is a little better if we can talk in terms of reality keeping the right ideals in mind. I hope..I didn’t go too far with this. I would love to read your future posts with just a tinge of reality added to it along with the philosophical context πŸ™‚


    • Hi Aman, Thank you for your comment. I appreciate the fact that you gave it a thought.
      Well, I respect your opinion but talking about the king first, the purpose is not to portray that he didn’t have any weakness but that his weakness could not be used to assume that he lacked strength. Also, he wasn’t getting his painting made to prove anything to anyone, remember that kings always had this sense of deep self-love so he just wanted someone to paint a glorious picture of him! He was the king after all!
      Now, talking about reality. Yes, I agree that sometimes a person fights better when pushed down to his/her limits, but such people are 1 in every thousand! Most of the time, people get demoralized and it leads them to take futile steps which also includes committing suicide – the most common after-effect of discouragement! What I am trying to convey through this story is that we all definitely have weaknesses, but instead of highlighting weaknesses in other people why can’t we just encourage them to make the best use of their own unique strengths? And stop discouraging people with any sort of disability or weakness by constantly reminding them that they can’t do certain things? Coz they really can do a lot besides those ‘certain things’. In fact this way, it won’t give anyone a false sense of belief but rather increase their self-confidence and lead them to be content with their lives. I’m sure you’ll agree that there is plenty talent everywhere but situations like these cause it to remain hidden somewhere. Don’t you think it’ll be a lot better if we all could do what we are good at, without considering the fact that we are not capable of doing other things?! There are real life examples of people who could overcome such obstacles, in fact I have talked about it in my posts earlier. Do have a look.
      I hope you will continue to actively show your opinions on my other posts too and enjoy reading them πŸ™‚


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