‘Failure’ will pass away but don’t let ‘success’ defeat you!

 How beautiful and thoughtful is that! It kept me thinking for hours and I was trying to think of examples where ‘successful’ people faced defeat because of that very success. And believe me, there are more examples of people who faced defeat with success than those with failure!

           Well, obviously all of us know what success means but I felt like checking its dictionary meaning once. And here it is Success – The achievement of an aim or purpose. “That’s it?? And what happens after that? Do we just sing the melodies of our success to the world?” was my reaction! Really, we talk of success as if its the most difficult task in the world and that’s it! After all, dictionaries will remain dictionaries! And I realized that success does have a much more deeper meaning than that.

            True victory comes with excellence. If we do something extraordinarily well, we’ll definitely be successful. But how long will that success last? Well, the answer is simple but hard to follow. It lasts only till the time we “maintain” that right “attitude”. The very moment that attitude alters, one gets the feeling of getting ‘stung’ by the no. 99 snake in the game of ‘Snake and Ladder‘, except of course, the snake this time is real and the game of life provides very few ladders to rise up again!

Yes, there are real-life examples.
          ‘Macbeth’, the very famous and ambitious king of Scotland. He who was moralistic and raged with valiant fury, who was called the ‘Bellona’s bridegroom’, became the king of Scotland after killing the virtuous Duncan. Even after that success, people believed that his conscience will guide him to be what he had always been, but no,what happened after that was sleepless nights, constant fear and no peace! His sense of insecurity led to his downfall. He, who could never be defeated at the battlefield, died at that very place! It was his own success that defeated him.
‘Adolf Hitler’. We all know who he was. One of the greatest orators the world has ever produced, so influential that he could impact every single person who heard him. What a wondrous brain he had! I admire him for both these qualities. He eventually succeeded in becoming the dictator of Germany. But what happened after that? Riots, conflicts,  mass-killings, rebellion, torture and eventually The Second World War!! He was faced with so much opposition after this drastic change in his attitude that he died the death of a coward by committing suicide! Is that really true success?

And the examples are endless ranging from people like Hosni Mubarak to Lady Gaga and even the Congress, if I may say so!

Then there are instances of those who never got defeated by their repeated failures and achieved true success. No body remembers how many times they failed. All that really matters is what they attained in the end.
             ‘Mahatma Gandhi’ and ‘Nelson Mandela’ tried endlessly to free their countries, with futile efforts most of the times! But they didn’t give up and now they are credited for it more than anyone else!
Had ‘Albert Einstein’ and ‘Thomas Alva Edison‘ not tried again after failing over a hundred times, we would still be using candles and earthen lamps and the greatest discovery of the Theory of Relativity would never come into existence!
After all, “Success is going from failure to failure without loss of determination.”
Michael Jackson’ who was once a slave, turned into a legendary pop-star! ‘Wilma Rudolf’ who suffered from polio came to be known as the fastest woman on earth! ‘Dhirubhai Ambani’ who was once a bus-conductor became the richest man in India! ‘The Beatles’ who were denied the publishing of their albums everywhere they went, are role-models for all the latest boy bands! ‘J.K Rowling’ whose Harry Potter series were trashed by all the publishing companies now runs the most successful sequel of the same series on world-cinema! ‘Oprah Winfrey’ who was constantly neglected by her family is now the most influential woman in the world! ‘Helen Keller‘ was blind but still served so many! And the list is endless…
Their victory over tragedy is success!

            Being successful doesn’t necessarily mean being famous. We, in our daily lives are victorious if we achieve what we aim for and never let that victory come in our way of even greater success keeping our attitude unchanged.
“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Thus, we all must have firm faith on ourselves and move ahead like a river stream, paving our own path, overcoming all obstacles that lie on the way and zestfully reaching the ocean!

            Let us all strive for righteous success with never-ending zeal, hard-work, will-power and dedication. And believe me, thereafter, nothing can stop us from achieving the impossible because sky is the limit after that!

Wishing you true success 🙂


19 thoughts on “‘Failure’ will pass away but don’t let ‘success’ defeat you!

  1. Thanks you for another thoughtful essay, Khushboo. You might enjoy this description of success by Ralph Waldo Emerson:
    To laugh often and much;
    to win the respect of intelligent people
    and affection of children; to earn the
    appreciation of honest critics and
    endure the betrayal of false friends;
    to appreciate beauty, to find the best
    in others; to leave the world a bit
    better, whether by a healthy child
    a garden patch or redeemed
    social condition; to know even
    one life has breathed easier because
    you have lived. This is to have

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    • These lines are BEAUTIFUL!! Thank you so much for sharing them here with us. It’s really an honor to hear from you. I hope you continue to enjoy and be a part of my blogging experience. It’ll be wonderful 🙂


  2. You made the right point about keeping the ATTITUDE unchanged. The fact that the feeling of success is ephemeral, many who achieve it look to have a claim on it to make sure it never fades away. That’s exactly where they lose everything. It’s like, the moment your ego takes over how good you are whoosh ! It’s over, everything vanishes in a blink. While others who know this secret look to become as humble as possible to make sure even if they lose in future they never lose that aura of dignity and respect. I mean that is why we adore them and emulate them, it’s the way they manage to treat success and failures while moving along.

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  3. Khushboo this is sooo inspirational! Just awesome. I love the examples you gave of the success that was not really success, and the ones that truly succeeded! Macbeth is a great example of one, and I love the story of Wilma Rudolph! This post rocks!

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    • Thank you so very much for this lovely comment Nico! This is one of my most favourite posts among all that I’ve written and your compliment makes it even better!
      Wilma Rudolf was one great victor, she’s truly inspiring!
      Thanks alot again! 🙂

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