Speaking is a lesson in learning how to listen;

Listening is a lesson in learning how to speak.

Those who always speak don’t always listen;

Those who always listen don’t always speak.


A working society is a society that gains and therefore works

A society working purely for material gain works against society


Help yourself, but first, help others to help themselves, and then you will automatically be helping yourself


A nation is similar to a club. It has members who abide by its identity, rules and customs that make it unique.

A club can easily be transformed into its weapon form – the club;

Excluding and elitist, held high and proud, and brutally brought down to attack and suppress an outsider.

A nation of individuals must take steps to avoid becoming the club.


Constantly examining the past breeds depression

Constantly examining the future breeds speculation

The relief for both is to live presently anticipating


True love is like when two sets of eyes meet with instant recognition preceding passion;

They penetrate and merge together, yearning for touch;

The two souls blend and experience endlessness in the transient moment.


Trying to say hinders the spoken waterfall

When speech is effortless, you are riding the waterfall

Simultaneously conquering fear and expressing delight


by Richard Parr


14 thoughts on “~Seven~

  1. You’ve put these important things which are so often mistaken to be little into perfect words. I love the style of writing and your way of expression through language! I would want to share my idea on the sixth with you – Love is the expansion of two natures in such a way that each includes the other and each enriches the other.
    Thank you for making us re-think about these important aspects 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dear Khushboo Maam
    I am really thankful to you as you were the first to like my post on wordpress. Thanks for increasing my motivation towards blogging.
    As far as i come to know about your blog, The posts are so deep that sometimes I was making many kind of faces at once to understand what that actually represent.
    “The two souls blend and experience endlessness in the transient moment.” was phenomenal.


    • Hi Charu, first of all PLEASE don’t call me ma’am coz I’m pretty much sure that I’m younger to you, just say Khushboo! Your posts were positive and worth a read. As far as my blog’s posts are concerned, thanks for taking out the time to read them. But this particular post ~Seven~ is by Richard, the link to whose site, you’ll find above. We were guest posting on each others’ blogs. So, the entire credit for this line goes to him and I agree it’s amazing!
      Enjoy blogging and do visit here often 🙂


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