I returned home from my guitar practice and couldn’t think of something different to do. I decided to sketch. And I sketched the picture of a guitar.

Yes!! I sketched it…!!CAM00000

As I was lost in self-admiration (I’m not that good an artist), I realized just how much do I love music! Yes, I know I’ve always enjoyed it but this time I was wondering what would I do if it simply didn’t exist? What would we all do? And wrote this….

Music is the spice of life
Adding interest, variety, verve
It makes us happy and touches our soul
And inspires us to rock and roll.

We laugh and cry and jump and twist
Music wipes away sorrow, there’s no cloud or mist.
It transforms us from one state to another
It soothes us just like the arms of our own mother.

Just when our worries start to increase,
Music is what brings the mind back to peace!
Life without music would be no life at all,
The absence of music would make it gray and fall.

So, enliven up your day, with just a song,
And may your lives be lovely and long!



23 thoughts on “*MUSIC*

  1. The changes in musical melodies have the affect of keeping our minds at peace, of clearing us out and releasing us from attachment. Musical is a mental tapestry of bringing voice to the fleeting thoughts we constantly experience.

    You’ve made a wonderful sketch. Music is a passion inside each and everyone of us that awakens at different times of our lives. It is, as you say, soothing like the arms of our own mother. It gives us a feeling of coming home and it has the power to generate a range of feelings at once. I listen to Caribbean beats to inspire joy and Zen music for periods of relaxation. Every culture has its own unique sound or instrument that can be identifiable to a particular region.


    • Yes music brings voice to our fleeting thoughts. I listen to Zen music for periods of relaxation too but I’ve never listened to Caribbean beats, I’ll try and listen to it. Yeah, every culture has its own unique sound like we have the classical music forms of sitar, tabla, guitar, santoor and many others here in India. I like exploring the world of music. But I enjoy bands like The Script and Maroon 5. 🙂


  2. Your artist is feeling frisky today, Khushboo, and she offers a wonderful start to the day. Beethoven once said “Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and all philosophy.” You show this by your clear and direct connection to the heart. You are a joy.


  3. so you are like a small lovely gift wrapped in lot of coverings right?talents are coming out when peeling each layer right?drawing is a gift you have it god bless 🙂


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