Separation & Community


To seek liberation from the stresses and strains placed on us by the egotistical wills of society, we find solace through separation. Where community inspires us to join together for a common goal, that being the obliteration of constructs that cut us off from our eternal spirit, separation reinforces the idea that we have no purpose other than to exist in solitude without making changes to the status quo.

There is healthy and unhealthy separation. An example of healthy separation would be disconnection from the overwhelming nature of the materialistic world and finding peace by spending time by ourselves, thus rediscovering our sense of spirit, our skills and our place in the community to use them. An example of unhealthy separation would be living in fear of one another, the fear of being sued, the fear of causing offence, the fear of self-expression, going into full-blown, ‘batter down the hatches’ mode and riding out the imaginary storm.

The table below simplifies this idea:

Separation Community
Positive A meditative walk Fun and humour
Negative Hours of mindless TV Sapping conversation


In the sense of positive and negative, here are some examples of separation and community in action, from my own experiences and what I have observed of others:

Spending hours doing something unproductive and self-enclosed, not contributing anything stimulating or rewarding to others.
Working additional over-time to the point where there is no energy left to focus on friends and family, and their needs are ignored
Living the fantasy of egotistical self-indulgence where everyone is a perceived enemy until proven otherwise
We are robots designed to carry out the work of our paymasters and we have no purpose other than to feed the machine
There is no life after this world. This is the only chance we get. We are accidental


Joining together with like minds to discuss important spiritual subjects, to share laughter, stories and fun
Doing things for another person without expecting anything in return, and seeing the positive affect the action has
Living in connection with spirit and seeing yourself in others as well as in all surrounding objects
We are the reflections of the love in each other’s persona affecting our own image
This is close to reality, but the embodiment of spirit is pure reality. We have infinite chances. We are intended


Let us imagine a world, a bit like the beach in the picture, where we are free to express our delight at being, where we can live in harmony with those around us, recognising each other as members of one distinct and intended family, where no person is left behind, and each is allowed to give and take, to share and be acknowledged. In the world’s natural state, it exists in a constant state of love, and no matter how hard we try egotistically to change this for our own selfish endeavours, the world will maintain its balance, with or without our influence.


By Richard Parr


4 thoughts on “Separation & Community

  1. I like your model and I could really use this as a workplace model.
    Positive Separation is shutting the office door and getting the head down to finish a job without interruption,
    Negative Separation is the person who feels alone and excluded, they don’t feel their contribution is valued, or that they make a difference. So they watch the clock waiting for the day to end. The concept of presenteeism as opposed to absenteeism.
    Postive Community in the workplace is high energy teams working in a fun environment and delivering great work.
    Negative Community is people who wander round the office with a cup of coffee, making pointless chat, and preventing others from getting on with their work. They think they are “networking” when in reality they are just annoying.


  2. Clearly portrays the idea of living in harmony with the world and our own selves. The tabular description of it explains it all. The power of being together! I loved it Rich, thank you for sharing another vision inspiring post 🙂


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