I am always attracted to and promote the concept of happiness. This idea is relatively skewed by society in general; as the general idea has been somewhat perverted by the world at large. Primarily it is due to the fact that we seek external factors to appease us; this is falsely mistaken for happiness. The external is completely subjective and arguable as to what “it” is. Take for instance the idea that you have that you may be happy with a certain home. Consider the fact that someone without a home at all might be content with air conditioner or heat. ย You would both be “happy” with very different things. But what if you got said house, only to have it catch fire or succumb to some other disaster. Question whether or not you are happy enough, internally, to deal with this. “Things” are fleeting.

My life is not a sob story; ย it is an example that happiness can be found anywhere it is sought. I have dealt with myriad of trials and tribulations, many to count.I have had plenty of reasons to be angry. But you know what? I ย realized awhile ago, I could either wallow in misery and be unhappy (which felt horrible) or I could move forward.

Happiness is a choice you make internally, it doesn’t just appear. Yes, we may have moments of joy in our lives, but if we are not truly happy, they may not persevere. When stripped to nothing but yourself,are you truly grateful for and happy with what you have? If you are not,start working on it ๐Ÿ™‚

By Arlyn Smith ( arlynsblog )


29 thoughts on “Happiness

  1. A very simple and thoughtful post Arlyn! I completely agree with the idea of finding happiness within rather than depending on external factors. You can be and are an inspiration to many who are facing such trials and tribulations too but are not able to find their way out of it. Thank you for an amazing post here! ๐Ÿ™‚


      • I love how you stress choice in this. I’m a big fan of taking responsibility for our choices, and find it sad how many people feel trapped in their professional or personal lives, not realizing they always have a choice to free themselves.

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        • Yes!!! You always have a choice. People think they don’t because sometimes decisions are so unfathomably difficult… But they are still options! Sometimes choices are hard but well worth it in hindsight:-)


  2. Great article Arlyn. It really puts an emphasis on the bare essentials and getting rid of unwanted clutter. Happiness is indeed a choice we can make. We can have fleeting moments of stress, though at a base level we are love and the experience of love, any unhappiness is illusory.

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  3. Yes! Thank you for your kindness.

    Think, happiness is a reachable goal. Feel, love and kindness bring joy. Do things for yourself and others that are kind and loving.

    Have a happy weekend, Arlyn ๐Ÿ™‚

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