Smile, You’re Beautiful!

I could not ‘not’ share this amazingly beautiful post! It’s a must read 🙂

Mail-Box of a Post-Master

I just woke up from an afternoon nap and a terrible dream wherein I had killed the goon successfully, I guess, and got in trouble with the policemen and killed one of them too but, when I saw myself, I was dressed as one and the whole thing went onto screw up even more before my brain finally gave in and I jumped from the bed.

Yes, you read that right; I woke up jumping from the bed! That’s a huge thing considering the radiating laziness that surrounds my being. But, this sudden gust of energy still flows through as I’m sitting pretty with an evening snack and a glass of juice, writing this possible post for my blog. And this is no adrenaline which would soon break the keys of my laptop or an effect of a crazy friend who would jump off railings and skid on a frictionless…

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