Dwijottam- The Twice Born


The day begins with the sound of coughing,
My mom walks in. I carry on smoking,
As the paper meets my lips,
As the sweet smoke fills my lungs,
I can feel myself losing grip, beginning to slip.

The world begins to whirl,
As my mind begins to swirl.
A problem…is what they call it.
It started on the streets,
But it’s left me wanting more.
My chest and lungs have become sore.

Mom, do you see me?
How about you, Dad?
Having no true friends doesn’t make me sad!
Do you really think I’m bothered?

I’m killing myself,
But I don’t care
As long as I stay flying,
As long as I’m no longer crying.

As sad as it may sound,
I think it’s destiny to die with aΒ 
‘Needle’ and some ‘powder’ next to me,
Me and my reality….

I’ve been wasted
I’ve been smashed
I’ve lied
I’ve been bashed
And I’ve still been high.

Then, the force hit me,
The combined strength of my parents’ love.
They just wouldn’t let me go
Down the hill of my choice.
Into rehab I went,
Screaming and kicking all the way.

It feels so good,
I’ve waved drugs goodbye.
Nothing on earth can come even close,
Nothing can compare to Life’s Natural High.
It makes you get rid of all your worries and woes.
One gigantic beam of light,
A light…brighter than the bright
Do you know what it is?
It’s something called ‘LOVE’….
Love whiter than the dove,
Love with no lies,
Love that gives higher highs,
Love you can never bade good byes!

Now I’m everything I knew I could be,
I’m more than just me….
I AM FREE!!!!!

This poem has been written with inputs from a friend.
It depicts the desperation of a teen drug addict, who feels he has reached the point of no return. The latter half mirrors the catharsis after love and support have been showered on him and he is ‘reborn’. It’s important for us to be sensitive to such an issue and handle it with love and care rather than with anger and further neglect! They are not addicted because they like it. They are addicted because the circumstances compel them to be. With understanding and love, together, we can change it! It may not be easy, but it is not impossible!



41 thoughts on “Dwijottam- The Twice Born

  1. Wonderful words of inspiration.

    If only they had listened if given this advise. “Just say no.”

    However, It is only one accomplishment to become free from drugs. Once free, it becomes a lifelong quest to stay free. Many will not, and for them we must keep praying to keep on trying…

    Regards and good will blogging.

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    • Yes, you’re absolutely right, it does become a lifelong quest to stay free. But i think after that both the external circumstances and internal attitude will decide whether or not the person will go back to taking drugs. Love around and positive will inside..with prayers ofcourse as you said might help a great deal.
      Thank you!

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  3. It is refreshing to read such sane words, Khushboo. The “war on drugs” seems so wrongheaded to me, as it obviously does to you. Anger, hatred, and self-righteousness have no power to heal. Why, I wonder, are love and compassion so hard to come by?

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