Everyone Has Their Own Truth.

“Everyone has their own truth!” One of the best from Zachary 🙂

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It seems like the Earth is currently engulfed in arguments. There are religious arguments, geographical disagreements, unrest and frustration. I think one thing  seriously lacking is compassion and understanding.

It can be so easy for us to become consumed by our own viewpoint and belief that only we are correct, which can lead us to completely misunderstand our neighbor. If we each see the world through a unique lens, then of course another life will look strange to us through our lens.

We need to step back for a minute and remember that…

Everyone Has Their Own Truth.

Amish family living a much different life than most of us. Everyone has their own truth. An Amish family living a much different reality than I do. Photo: OttawaAC

“I feel like when people judge me they’re not judging me, because they don’t know who I am.” – Gisele Bundchen

We each have our own unique set of views and beliefs. My beliefs may be very different than yours, but that doesn’t make…

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30 thoughts on “Everyone Has Their Own Truth.

  1. A worthy topic to be certain. Our point of view on a subject can become quite passionate. The interesting thing is judgment can run both ways where others form a view about us based on the topic at hand while we sometimes take things too personal. It’s hard to separate the idea from the person at times but when we are able to do so, it’s easier to discuss matters and more productive usually. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Read this earlier today, and I agree for the most part. It´s call being tolerant and having empathy. Yet again, if we are tolerant for everything that would make us intolerant since we would be standing up for things that are not right. You do have to have to sometimes stand up for your truth, for your own values. But yes, for the most part I couldn´t agree more with what the writer said.

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