Over and Over again!

Hello all the wonderful people out there! 🙂

I hope the year 2015 began with a bang for each one of you (I mean a bang of happiness and not sadly like the one happening in Pakistan or France…) Okay, I didn’t want to bring that up but such events always trigger strong emotions right? I think  the terrorists need more blessings to be able to realize what “good” they’ve been doing!

Anyway, so I hope you’ve all been keeping positively well, content, satisfied and peaceful inside.

I’ve got a little story to share today –

” A wise man sat in the audience and cracked a joke.
Everybody laughed like crazy.
After a moment, he cracked the same joke again.
This time, less people laughed.
He cracked the same joke again and again.
When there was no laughter in the crowd,
he smiled and said : 
You can’t laugh at the same joke again and again,
but why do you then keep crying over the same thing over and over again? “

Beautiful message right? This year let’s not think about what’s gone over and over again and let us instead focus on and enjoy the very present that there is, automatically, the future will be good! 🙂

Love and peace to all ❤


60 thoughts on “Over and Over again!

  1. First, Khushboo, I love your new picture! And thank you for the lovely wishes for a vibrant present. It is time to get off the fly-wheel of the mind, and rest for a while. May 2015 be a time of wondrous moments for you.

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  2. “मैं खुश्बू हूँ आपके दिलों में, रूह में बैठ जाऊंगी
    साल जाते जाते भी एक अछा पैगाम दे जाऊंगी”

    ( This is me your dear fragrance so spirited
    the year ends and yet a great post scripted )

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