Hi everyone!

I’m pleased to share this piece of news with you because I’m honored to have Richard post several here and so he now becomes the co-author of this blog.

Richard’s site is called ‘Human Embodiment‘.

Human Embodiment is about teaching others the true art of becoming through unscripted self-expression. It is a mixture of poetry, philosophy, art and comedy to inspire positive outcomes, to help others realise their true potential and to help spark changes in their lives.

The philosophy involves taking how you are in the present moment, using the accumulation of skill inside of you, realising this skill and using it to embody what you always have been – the human within. The four steps of presence – skill – self-realisation – embodiment can be summarised thus:


I have posted several articles on his blog too. Here are the links to some :

* Loved and Lost?
* Mind and “Fear”

* Don’t ever look back

Do check out for more (I’m sure you’ll like it as much as I do).

Khushboo 🙂


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