On Guest posts & Awards

Hello there!

Thank you for visiting my little blog. There are two things I would like to share on this particular page.

The first is, guest posts are most welcome here. You can write about anything that’s inspirational, funny, or awareness arousing through poems, quotes or articles (anything you wish) and I’ll be honoured to have it posted on The Invictus Soul. Please feel free to leave a comment below or contact me on my mail khushboo.arora@outlook.com.Β 

Secondly, for all those who are here to nominate me for any award, thank you so very much for considering me (it means alot) but I choose to keep my blog award free. The simple reason being that I find it very difficult to answer those questions and state facts about myself. Your kind presence here is a reward in itself. If you like the blog’s posts then please share your views with me here or spread the word so that we can together have an impact on people’s lives. πŸ™‚

I would love to respond back.

Khushboo πŸ™‚

26 thoughts on “On Guest posts & Awards

  1. Thank you, Khushboo Arora, for informing us about “Guest posts & Awards”. As notified a few days ago, SoundEagle has bestowed upon you a special award, the details of which can be found at soundeagle.wordpress.com/2013/07/17/soundeagle-appreciation-award/, where you can also see several animated fish swimming around in a pool of other awards that SoundEagle has received.

    The SoundEagle Appreciation Award does not require you to answer questions, and is unlike any other blog award that you have come across elsewhere. In particular, the award fosters excellence in blogging through “expressing any matters or issues of importance to you with additional reflections, contemplations and/or resolutions”. Welcome!


  2. Hello Khushboo! Very glad to have you back after a break. You are a real darling. When you are around things are different. May you continue to be the light wherever you go. I’ll be back soon on your blog to spend some good time in your precious company.


  3. I like the fact you’ve opted to keep your blog award free. Sharing with others through articles and seeing the comments that are exchanged puts a smile on a writer’s face. πŸ™‚ You’re clearly doing a great job with writing that invites people to interact.



  4. Hi Khushboo
    Thanks for taking an interest in paranorensics.
    I would LOVE for you reblog some of my rubbish.
    Do you want something from my blog, or would you like something a la carte?
    I am about to publish a post begging for reblogs, with a list of my bestest posts, ditto for harkerhaiku.wordpress.com.
    Perhaps you could message me after that’s up. Can’t do it yet, I’m at work (on a break, stuffing my gob with pie. Mmmmmmmmm! Pie.)



  5. wow
    Kudos to you. I loved your spirit and enjoyed your blog. Awards or no awards I am sure your words have inspired and healed many hearts.
    Khushboo, I would be really overwhelmed if you will visit my page as I am a new blogger. I write about my experiences of love happiness and inspiration and love photography.
    And I would also like to request you that if you really like my work then follow back my page. ❀
    Love and hugs

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    • Hi Bhavna!
      You have a pretty amazing blog there and have certainly come a long way to blogging in such high spirits, as is evident from the content!
      You have my follow right away!
      Looking forward to reading your posts and good luck with the same ❀


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