Go For It

You know what it’s like. You can pretend for so long to be comfortable and satisfied with what you’re doing, but every so often, someone or something reminds you that you are worth considerably more and you should be aiming much higher. What you’re doing right now looks sensible and on paper it seems to figure out, you gain mass approval and there is little to no movement in your life. But that centered part of you yearns for more and it wills you on. You may take a shot at what you truly want short-term and fail; then those who surround you say, “Well…we told you so, but you didn’t listen.” In the long-term, an unsettling desperation kicks in. This isn’t enough and it has to change now. The present style of living cannot be sustained. It must improve. Then you have to ask yourself, who are your friends and why do you choose to be influenced by such people? Don’t you want to have friends and companions who spur you on through challenges and help you discover a sense of certainty that you are pursuing your passion, and inspire you to be the best possible person you can be? If you crave with absolutely certainty that your ambition has the power to enable a brighter life somewhere down the line, where positive changes are implemented now and subtle optimism and luck weaves starts to work wonders, then guess what? Your dream will come true. But if you don’t even try, the only thing you’ll lose is your mind. Go for it.

By Richard Parr (humanembodiment)


10 thoughts on “Go For It

    • Hi! It wouldn’t be appropriate to call Richard a guest author here coz he’s posted several articles on this blog. I’d like to call him a co-author. Do check out the ‘Co-author’ page for more 🙂


  1. “Well…we told you so, but you didn’t listen.” This is a daily reminder that what we do is right and it just kicks the faith out of the wrong people chosing the right path to sustain their life.


  2. You are right Richard. We must go for the things we believe are right. If we listen to discouraging messages from people, we will hardly do the things we should do. I congratulate you on the beautiful and inspiring post. Keep writing. Keep the candle burning. Keep the light shinning.


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